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A Letter to the Community
July 19, 2019
by: Historia Team

Historia Network development has restarted and this post will stay for historical purposes.

To all members of the Historia (HTA) community, a great amount of appreciation and gratitude is owed to you for supporting us this past year. Our project has truly come a long way which would not have been possible without such an amazing group of people. Historia’s development team strongly believes in a decentralized solution for what we hope to accomplish. A means that would keep historical record integrity while incentivizing those which maintain the integrity of the project by utilizing masternodes.


As some might say, our time has come. When the Historia Team started talking and developing on this project about two years ago we were excited to be building this project. Recently the Historia Team has suffered some significant failures in our designs.  We aimed to deliver innovative solution for the Historia project of which have not been done before within the cryptocurrency space. Being able to adjust and resolve issues with a quick turnaround has been a point of pride within the team. We have been introduced with a road block within the development lifecycle which does not have a solution at this time. Decentralization is the most important thing for this project, and we are not confident that the current design can accomplish this due to the way the masternodes are structured.


On Wednesday. there was a second hard fork activation attempt to increase rewards for both the Voting Masternode and the Content Distribution Masternode. While the increase happened properly for the Voting Masternode, the Content Distribution Masternode failed to activate. We have a few ideas why this happened, but nothing that points 100% to the problem we have had with this design. Again while this works on testnet, this failed on mainnet. Anybody connected to testnet can look at the blocks and see this working. IPFS is working properly and we can see nodes connected to the Historia Swarm. We were ambitious with our design decisions.


When we started on this project, we were and continue to be 100% self funded on this project. We had no ICO or any private funding. We never asked for the community to help support us, but these types of projects do take money. If you include both the money we have spent, and the free development time that the Historia developers gave to this project over the past 2 years, we had totaled $400-500k USD. For a small project that is quite a bit of money, and frankly we are extremely low on funds. We were never in this for the money, nor are we asking for money now. In fact, we ask that the community does not ask for an address from us to help fund us. We are not giving our addresses out. The Historia team also never sold a single coin that we mined or bought on the exchanges. We are not selling now either.


Speaking of Exchanges; We do want to say thank you to Stex and their team, they were reasonable with our team and worked with us quite easily. We will use them in the future. They have given us plenty of leeway while we worked on this project. Unfortunately, the volume has not been great, and it is a matter of time before we get delisted. We expect that most of our pool servers will be gone after that as well. Nobody mines a coin for long that they can’t sell. It’s understandable.


Unfortunately, to reduce our expenses we were required to go down to a skeleton crew of a few people working part time on this project.  The masternode system does not appear as it will work as designed on mainnet. To fix this, we would require a redesign of the masternode system in ways that would change just about everything that is in place currently. This, as well as the previous mentioned reasons lead us to the difficult decision that we will have to slow most further development to a crawl, and probably outright stop further development, on this project at this time. If the block chain does stop, we can relaunch it in the future if we are able to redesign the masternode system with no funds lost, but with the lack of resources at this point, we don’t know if or when that would happen. This means keep your wallets stored safely. We are keeping ours stored away for a future day.


We will leave the code source open to the community in case somebody wants to make use of it for future projects.


Again, we greatly appreciate the amount of support we have received this past year. If you would like to stay updated with any future potential Historia developments, please email shyne@historia.network and we will add you to the mailing list.



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