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Historia Roadmap
January 22, 2019
by: Historia Team

We have carefully mapped out timeline of events designed to engage our early adopters as we continue to develop the Historia platform.

The plan lays out our accomplished milestones, including the release of Historia blockchain in August 2018. And the most recent integration of  IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) to allow us create a content-addressable, peer-to-peer method of storing and sharing hypermedia. The roadmap extends until 2019 with the development of the Historia wallet, Masternode system improvements and research into sidechain 2-way peg.

“Our biggest milestone so far is, of course, the launch of the Historia blockchain,” said Marshall, Lead Developer.

“As a matter of fact we have already decided how Historia will work for its users, but we are seeking ways to develop further the economics of the system” he added.  

Our next milestone on the roadmap will be Historia wallet revamp for the Android users and the development of a more user-friendly interference so that the general public could start uploading the historic events.

While development continues, don’t miss out on any updates, [sign up]. Join us on [Discord] to learn more about how Historia will preserve worlds history and how to use our solution.

The world’s first consensus-based historical record storage blockchain

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Historia is a community project. The influence of any one superpower does not endure in Historia. The project is for the greater good of the global community with allegiance to no one except the everlasting truth of how it actually happened. If you would like to be a part Historia discussion, join us on Discord and let us know your thoughts. All spectrum of opinions and facts wanted, come all.



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