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Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence
March 25, 2020
by: Historia Team

In today’s post we wanted to go reiterate why the Historia project is so very important.

We relate this to the community as we were told it. A friend from Australia recently emailed the Historia team to discuss how important our project is to get up as soon as possible. Her reason is concerning the Wuhan Virus (COVID-19). The Historia team wanted to share her reasoning with the community. This friend is a Chinese Australian middle-age woman, according to previous statements she has said to us, her family fled mainland China after the Tiananmen Square protests (June Protests), because according to her, her family was scared that the Communist Party of China (CCP) was going to kill her family. They relocated to Hong Kong and Australia, where she grew up. Of course, we can not confirm the veracity of her claims.

She went on to tell us how the Wuhan Virus that is causing havic within the world was a US Military Bioweapon. We asked her if she had any evidence of this, she replied that is had been discussed in Chinese media since the beginning of Feburary. We pressed her again on is there any evidence of anything she was saying, and she responded with “no, nothing more than rumors and conspiracies”.

 We also have recently received a email from a friend in Italy also discussing the Wuhan Virus (COVID-19). While she did not relate us the same story to us that she believed it to be a US Military Bioweapon, she did say that many younger Italians did believe it was a bioweapon to move in US and NATO troops into Italy. This is a strange idea to us, since Italy already has some of the largest NATO bases that are located in Europe. The troops are already there and have been for a long time.

On March 21, the Global Times Twitter account, known to be the public mouth piece of the CCP,  was trying to suggest that the Wuhan Virus (COVID-19) started first in Italy, before then moving to Wuhan.

Starting March 12, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian issued a novel accusation on Twitter, saying “it might be the US Army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan”The differences spilled into public view Monday after China’s ambassador to the U.S. reaffirmed his opposition to promoting theories that the virus that causes Covid-19 originated in an American military lab. Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai said in an interview with “Axios on HBO” that he stood by his Feb. 9 statement that it would be “crazy” to spread such theories, even though a foreign ministry spokesman has repeatedly floated the idea on Twitter in recent weeks.

Recently there has been a ongoing debate on Wikipedia concerning renaming the 1918 Spanish Flu to 1918 Influenza Pandemic. Read more about this here. Also, in this Wikipedia article, they have recently revised the case fatality rate from 20%, down to 2% via creative means of case fatality rate calculation.  While currently there are ways to track Wikipedia changes, this is revisionist history at its finest. In 100 years, those potential Wikipedia article changes could very easily be forgotten and deleted completely from the audit system. We can only speculate on why Wikipedia would want to embrace revisionist History.

There are many false stories and claims out there. There is revisionist History happening before your eyes to change what really happened into a narrative that is more acceptable for the authoritarians and the tyrants to maintain control. History should be accurate, decentralized, and owned by the people, and that is what the Historia Network is trying to bring you. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Historia is a community project. The influence of any one superpower does not endure in Historia. The project is for the greater good of the global community with allegiance to no one except the everlasting truth of how it actually happened. If you would like to be a part Historia discussion, join us on Discord and let us know your thoughts. All spectrum of opinions and facts wanted, come all.


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