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The Coming Release of BaseX
March 30, 2020
by: Historia Team

Some of the community has asked for further information concerning the next steps of the Historia Network. We are happy to share more information about the coming release of the web application that will put all the pieces of the Historia Network into place. We have named the web application BaseX, and we will be discussing in today’s blog post.

What is BaseX?

BaseX is the web application that will allow for a web interface to create new records and proposals, and allow for voting from the masternodes and voting nodes. The web application is interfaced with both the blockchain and IPFS to allow for seemless intregration. This means it does not actually store any of the records or proposals itself, but rather uses the masternodes to store and publish the information in a decentrailized manner.


Why the name BaseX? 

We chose the name BaseX as the initial release for the web application because it will have are required functionality to make our system and our vision into a working reality. There may be some bugs on initial release, but nothing that will prevent the application from working correctly. We need community help to find them and report them. BaseX is the base for all future changes that the masternodes and voting nodes owners want to see to the platform to make it as widely used as possible. The Historia Team has always said that the Historia Network is a community system and the Historia Team will follow the direction of the governors of the network. This means BaseX is a very important step to give control of the decisions to the masternode and voting node owners and remove that decision making from the Historia Team. We have gotten the project this far, now it is up to the governors to decide what comes next.

Why is BaseX needed?

We hear you, in a decentralized system why is a centralized web application needed? Let us give you our explanation. Ultimately a user could do everything from their own wallet. They could create a proposal or record. They could vote and view the proposals / records. These things are all possible, but labor intenstive to get things correct. To get critical mass for the Historia Network, we must make everything as easy as possible for the user that could not or would not go through the labor intensive process to create a new proposal or record, vote, and / or other actions.

What comes next for BaseX?

After the release what comes next is truly up to you, the governors of the network. The Historia Team’s ideas are many, from making this into something similar to a long form Twitter like social media network, to going down the path of a Wikipedia like system, or just an archival timeline solution. In our opinion, the key to making the network work correctly and having the most accurate records requires a wide user base. A wide user base requires some sort of social media aspects. We encourage all users to submit their ideas for what they would like to see the web application become, and we encourage the governors think carefully about their decisions on what proposals to approve.

When is BaseX coming?

The Historia Team is finalizing the development of the BaseX application and soon to start security testing. We are anticpating that BaseX will be released the week of April 13, 2020. A few more weeks from the publish date of the blog article.

Technical Topics

The Historia Team wanted to talk about some of the technical aspects of the BaseX web application to give the users a better understanding of application and what it actually includes:

  • Masternode and Voting Node registration – Masternodes and Voting Nodes will have the ability to register their voting keys to make allow for voting via the web interface. If you haven’t setup your masternode or voting node yet, please learn to do this here.

  • Governance Object Generator – BaseX includes a Proposal and Record generator. Because of the technical aspects of generating a proper and network accepted governance object, the Historia Team has created a step by step process to generate a governance object. This process will allow for the user to use a HTML generator to properly generate the governance object, pay for the governance object, and upload to the IPFS network, and register the governance object with the network to then be voted on.

  • Governance Object Listings – BaseX includes listings of all records and propsals, comments associated with each record and proposal, the ability to vote on that governance object. The governance object is pulled directly from one of the many masternodes already avaiable to the network.

  • Additional Masternode Rewards – One of the more difficult problems that the Historia Team had to develop a solution for is how to incentize the masternode operators to continue to run a masternode after new coins are no longer being created, far in the future. The solution is currently handled this way: When a new proposal or record is submitted, it currently costs between 5 and 10 coins to submit the governance object. Those coins will now be distributed to the owners of the masternodes to further incentize the masternode owners to run the services properly. To receieve these additional rewards, the masternode requires IPFS to be setup and connected to the Historia IPFS pool, Nginx (or another) web server running, with a valid SSL certificate, and these servers accessible to the public Internet. If the masternode is not setup properly, they will not receive additional rewards. We anticipate that in time these rewards will be much greater than the rewards that the masternode receives directly from the mining network. Make sure to follow this guide here to setup or verify your masternode is setup correctly.

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Historia is a community project. The influence of any one superpower does not endure in Historia. The project is for the greater good of the global community with allegiance to no one except the everlasting truth of how it actually happened. If you would like to be a part Historia discussion, join us on Discord and let us know your thoughts. All spectrum of opinions and facts wanted, come all.


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