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Historia Web Application Updates
August 3, 2021
by: Historia Team

In today’s blog post, we are going to keep it short on fluff and get straight to the technical updates. The TLDR is we are ready to go now and have released the new version of the web application. There are quite a bit updates to the web application that should be discussed.

Web application Updates:

  • Infinite scrolling for the main page. While this doesn’t change the looks of the application, this is a major update that took much development time that will allow for scaling of the web application.
  • Minor bug fixes related to movement of icons after clicked
  • Allow for recursive comments – Ability to add comments to comments
  • Added ability for user to delete their previous comments
  • Fixed bug with comments not properly being deleted
  • Added ability for a user or administrator to pin their comment to a post
  • Moved all email engines from Gmail to locally controlled and managed email server
  • Added ability for all page to show Open Graph links and images directly
  • Archive links now point to external IPFS gateway
  • Added USD / HTA calculations on create page to understand how much a user is requesting
  • Fixed all broken buttons on archive page
  • Made upgrades to email engine
  • Re-engineered masternode page to eventually allow for multiple nodes and masternodes (This will be discussed further in detail below)
  • Implemented the airdrop system with verification system. This will allow for individuals to receive airdrops.
  • Marketing is now in planning and will go live once content is being generated
  • Started work to allow for other methods of payments for subscribers, such as accepting other forms of cryptocurrency.

Masternode Registration Page:

There have been major changes to the backend design of the masternode registration page. Previously when you registered a voting node or masternode, you were required to enter in a passphrase that would protect your voting key from unauthorized voting. However this would limit the amount of nodes the user could register to one, and would causes errors voting if more than one node was setup.

The new method will allow a user to setup many nodes, and will now just require your account password to vote, and not a separate passphrase. It is currently limited to one, but we will open it up to multiple nodes at a later date.

Changing this does cause some issues for individuals that had previously registered their node. If you have registered your node(s), you must delete your registered node(s) and reregister them.

 Masternode IPFS Updates:

Previously we had set a IPFS swarm key to limit the bandwidth of the IPFS servers while we were in development stage. Now we are opening this up and masternodes will not receive the extra rewards unless they remove the swarm key. If you are a masternode owner this is a simple process. If you previously had a swarm.key file in your .ipfs configuration directory, just delete this file and restart your ipfs daemon.

Airdrop Registration Page:

As our community had previously voted for airdrops to help grow the Historia Network. We had to implement a system to make this work within the Historia Network web application. The details are as follows:

  • User must have a verified registered web account
  • User must participate in at least 50% of the votes
  • After 1 year, the user can request 100 HTA
  • After 1 year, the user can request $10 in Bitcoin
  • Only one user per airdrop


We have signed a contract with a marketing firm to provide marketing content to the major crypto news web sites. We expect to start seeing these articles in September. This gives us time to fix any bugs that come up, as well as get preliminary content into the system so that the system will actually be used before bringing in new users.

Community Management:

A big change occurs to our community management. The community management has been something that has been lacking over the past year while we have done development on the Historia Network web application. We are happy to announce that we have a new community manager. Medhi S. other wise known as Freeman in our Discord channel will be taking up the responsibility of our community management. Medhi has been one of the most strong supporters of our project since the beginning, and we are happy to bring him on to the team to help grow our community again.

Bugs and Feature Requests:

Yes there will be bugs in the web application. This is part of the development process. While most bugs have been fixed, we encourage all users to submit bugs as well as feature requests to our Discord channel as well as our bug tracker here.

Future Development:

While the web application was a required part of our system, our development doesn’t stop here. We plan to focus more on the decentralized nature of our project. In the coming months we will focus on creating a web app that will allow for the normal user to create and submit documents and links without going to our web application, but rather have a small web application that users can run on their local machines to allow them to submit content locally.

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