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Release of Historia Network Local Web Application
April 20, 2022
by: Historia Team

One of the most talked about aspect of blockchain technology is its decentralized nature. This means that blockchain doesn’t rely on a central point of control. Rather, it hands that control back to users through consensus protocols distributed across a network of nodes.  

Over the course of the development of the Historia Network web application that interfaces with the Historia blockchain, it was always a concern that we were going too far in centralizing a decentralized protocol. Of course this leads to many conflicts of interest overall. Today we are happy to announce we have released the first version of the Historia Local Web Application (HLWA) that interfaces directly with the Historia Core client. What this means is that the end user will be able to view and vote on proposals and records for the Historia network on their local machine without ever going to a centralized site. This takes the Historia Network team out of the middle of the protocol. The Historia Local Web Application (HLWA) is open source under the MIT license. You can download the prebuilt binaries or compile from source yourself. Please view the Github repositories here. To learn how to setup the Historia Local Web Application (HLWA) visit our documentation site here.

Current Release Features:

  • Settings to connect directly to Historia Core client on your local machine
  • Settings to connect directly to a IPFS Gateway Host
  • View Proposals and Records without visiting the main Historia Network website
  • Voting with Masternodes / Voting nodes without going to the Historia Network website

Of course we are not stopping here. Our future plans and goals follow.

Future Development and Progress

  • Allow for creation of Proposals and Records from the Historia Local Web Application (HLWA) 
  • Revamp the creation of Proposals and Records on main Historia Network web application for ease of use operations.
  • Changing the POW algorithm to something that provides for more consistent block times
  • More exchanges to increase overall volume and increase the Market cap and popularity
  • Marketing, yes we know it’s needed
  • Mobile wallet (iOS and Android) with the ability to setup a Voting Node, view Proposals and Records, and vote
  • Full developer and documentation site

As always if there are any questions or suggestions, please reach out and ask. We are happy to discuss ideas with our community.


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Historia is a community project. The influence of any one superpower does not endure in Historia. The project is for the greater good of the global community with allegiance to no one except the everlasting truth of how it actually happened. If you would like to be a part Historia discussion, join us on Discord and let us know your thoughts. All spectrum of opinions and facts wanted, come all.


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