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Update of Main Web App and Historia Network Local Web Application
August 8, 2022
by: Historia Team

In today’s blog post we will discuss the many new updates that we have released for the Historia Network web software.

 During the ongoing development of the web applications that interface with the Historia Network blockchain we have made design decisions that eventually were outdated with more advanced and over all better software modules. The biggest issue to the Historia Network web applications was the Create process. After we released the previous software for the main production web application it was determined that the Create process would eventually cause major was scaling issues. The reasons are numerous, but because of how the back end infrastructure was interfacing with the main web application, it caused bottle necks that would limit or out right break during the use of the production web application. While we were able to code around most of those issues, ultimately the time has come to completely replace those modules with solutions that shift much of the processing of the Create process from back-end infrastructure to the browser. How we did this was a multi-prong approach which of course took much development time to get it correct.

Since out last blog update, the things that have been completed from the Historia Network developers:

  • Allow for creation of Proposals and Records from the Historia Local Web Application (HLWA
  • Revamp the creation of Proposals and Records on main Historia Network web application for ease of use operations.
  • Move from SummerNote editor to GrapeJS editor for create process.
  • Fork the SingleFile Browser Extension to create a version to interface with both the HLWA and the main web application.
  • Create and allow “templates” to be used from within the create process.
  • Revamp the “drafts” functionality to show these drafts inline of create process to make them easier to use. 
  • Faster payments to submit the object to the network.

 If you would like further details of what steps we took, keep reading below.


Previously on the backend infrastructure was being used to process any of the proposals, records, or archives (objects) for submissive into the Historia Network blockchain. This process used SingleFile-CLI for heavy lifting of the back-end processing. This would generate the HTML of an object in the proper format for the Historia Network Blockchain to accept. Needless to say when a user would “Preview” a object or submit an object to the network, the minimum amount of time that the processing would take was approximately 10 seconds per action and if the web application was processing multiple objects at a time this processing time went up in a exponential fashion.

To fix this issue we had to redesign the entire Create process. In our previous blog post we talked about the release of the Historia Local Web Application (HLWA) which allowed for viewing and voting from a decentralized perspective.   Since our last blog update we have updated the HLWA app to allow for the creation and submissions of objects and not just viewing and voting on those objects. After this we started moving the new Create process development work over to the Main production web application. Because the Main production web application is much more complicated than the HLWA this took more development time than expected.

The Historia Network developers have moved the create editor module from using SummerNote to GrapeJS. From our testing the GrapeJS editor is a much more user friendly editor (as well as expandable) that took out inconsistencies from SummerNote and allowed for more advanced features.

We also had to move away from using the SingleFile-CLI utility on the backend infrastructure to using SingleFile browser extension which offloads much much of the processing to the user’s browser allowing for better scaling. We have released a forked version of the SingleFile browser extension to specifically interface with both HLWA and the main web application. You can view this here.

One of the things we always wanted in the the previous editor was a way to load templates to provide more uniform formatting. This was basically impossible with SummerNote. We now have templates when using GrapeJS editor. We will also be accepting templates from the community to make our formatting better. 

These updates have solved our scaling issues and will provide for a more consistent and easy to use Create system across all platforms. You can read the documentation for the new Create Builder here

Future Development and Progress

  • Changing the POW algorithm to something that provides for more consistent block times
  • More exchanges to increase overall volume and increase the Market cap and popularity
  • Marketing, yes we know it’s needed
  • Mobile wallet (iOS and Android) with the ability to setup a Voting Node, view Proposals and Records, and vote

As always if there are any questions or suggestions, please reach out and ask. We are happy to discuss ideas with our community.


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Historia is a community project. The influence of any one superpower does not endure in Historia. The project is for the greater good of the global community with allegiance to no one except the everlasting truth of how it actually happened. If you would like to be a part Historia discussion, join us on Discord and let us know your thoughts. All spectrum of opinions and facts wanted, come all.


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