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Progress is Being Made
June 4, 2020
by: Historia Team

BaseX has seen much development and re-design since our last post. We will be discussing those design decisions in this post. 

Since our last update, we have made much progress on BaseX. These changes are now live on the BaseX site. In today’s blog post we will go into depth over these changes and why those changes were made. We will also discuss future features and what is to come.

Technical Topics

The Historia Team wanted to talk about some of the technical aspects of the BaseX web application:

  • Governance Object Generator – After getting the original generator up on BaseX, the Historia Team realized that having a working application on Mainnet, is quite different than having a working application on Testnet. This is due to the speed difference of the network. The Historia team has now redesigned the generator, and while it looks very similar to the previous generator, the backend processes has been completely redesigned. The team moved many of the processes that were originally part of the web application, to a backend process that simplify and makes the process more smooth.
  • Preview System – Previously there was not a way to “preview” the html that a user was entering into the creator. Part of the generator redesign now includes an integrated Preview system to show what the output will look like before submission. 
  • File Inclusion  Previously if the user had entered in a image into the generator, the underlying HTML would add a link, but not actually save the file to the Historia network. Since we are building the Historia network for the generations, we must build it in a manner that assumes these links will die or go down in time. Therefore the Historia network had to include file inclusion into the network.
  • Records and Archives Enabled – Records were previously not enabled while the Historia network worked on further development. Records are now enabled. “Archives” are a new type of record, in which a user can submit a URL as a moment in time for inclusion into Historia network. If they pass, similar to records, they will be permanently added to the Historia network
  • Payment Cycle Information – Added additional information on the generator to getting a better idea on when the payment cycle begins and ends. This will help users’ time when they should or should not be adding proposals and records.
  • Many Many Bug Fixes – Some big some small, we can’t list every one of the bug fixes or changes here, but needless to say we are currently approaching around 100 changes or bug fixes since the previous release.

Future Development

The Historia Team wanted to talk about some of the future development of the BaseX application:

  • Subscription Service –  Many users that would like to use our system may or may not have blockchain knowledge to setup a voting node. We will be rolling out a subscription service that allows for users to allow for the renting of their voting keys to other users that may not have knowledge to setup a voting node. This will be a big update and is currently being designed. Because there are a limited number of coins available, we expect this to be a popular service.
  • Deep Linking and User Profiles/Pages – Each user will have their own public page that will allow for them to post content that may or may not be part of the blockchain. A public post could be then added to the blockchain at a later date.
  • Further tweaks for create system – Posting on users’ public page before submitted for vote.
  • Main page – Home page that will have all proposals, records, and user posts.
  • More Coming Soon

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