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BaseX Reaches Beta Status
July 6, 2020
by: Historia Team

The Historia Team is happy to announce that BaseX has reached beta level status. We are now open for submissions.

BaseX reaching beta level status is a huge accomplishment for the Historia team. These changes making up the beta are now live on the BaseX site. In today’s blog post we will go into depth over these changes and why those changes were made. We will also discuss future development topics

Technical Topics

The Historia Team wanted to talk about some of the technical aspects of the BaseX web application:

  • Base for Social Media Aspects – Twitter is a user centric model. Facebook is a user centric model. BaseX takes a different approach by instead of following a user centric model, we are following a hybrid approach. The BaseX model is a combination of topic centric and user centric. Topic centric is the idea that users come together around topics, with features that will help to shape the record.
  • Comment System – Previously we were using a third-party comment system. For BaseX to be successful we have to build these tools ourselves. We have replaced the previous comment system, with our own built-in system. While our comment system is just getting started there will be more development coming on this in the future.
  • User Profiles – Each user now has their own public profile page that will show the articles they have posted as well as their comments. Future development will allow for customization of their user profile, as well as public posts before it’s submitted for a vote
  • Subscription Service – After a long development process we have completed the subscription service that allows for users that may not have knowledge of cryptocurrency to rent voting keys. Future development will expand this further to allow for users that have HTA coins, to rent their own voting keys to other users for a fee, without giving BaseX their coins.
  • Main / Front Page – The previous main / front page was an informational page. We have replaced this with a functional and interactive page showing all posts, both proposals and records.
  • Restructuring – Slowly we have begun restructuring of page organization to make for a more clean and user friendly experience. This included the new main / front page, as well as removing unnecessary pages
  • More Informational Pages – Since we have replaced the information front page with an interactive and functional front page, we have moved the informational page to an “About” section. The Proposal Generator now has the beginnings of an informational page describing what everything is for those that may not know how our system works. It will be filled out further in new releases.
  • Many Many Bugs were fixed

Future Development

The Historia Team wanted to talk about some of the future development of the BaseX application:

  • General Cleanup and Polish – We think that the system is coming together nicely. But it definitely could use more cleanup in general and hardening on mainnet. 
  • Informational pages – More how to guides on BaseX, as well as video guides to get people accustom to how the system works, and how to best use it.
  • Deep Linking and User Profiles/Pages – User profiles will allow for customization to complete the “social” aspects of the system.
  • Revenue Sharing Referrer System – If a new user signs up for our service you’re your referrer link, get paid in HTA, BTC (maybe?) or USD. Yes it’s coming.
  • Infinite Scrolling Pagination – Currently the system grabs all records and proposals and lists them to the screen. While this will work at low volume, ultimately this needs to be changed to have a scrolling pagination system.
  • Email notification system – Right now there are no emails being sent by the application, besides emails such as user registration emails as well as forgot password emails. We plan on putting on email notification system on when new records or proposals are made, when voting cycles are going to expire, trending topics, etc.

 Bugs – Please report any bugs found on BaseX to info@historia.network, or come talk to us in Discord. This has to be a group effort.


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Historia is a community project. The influence of any one superpower does not endure in Historia. The project is for the greater good of the global community with allegiance to no one except the everlasting truth of how it actually happened. If you would like to be a part Historia discussion, join us on Discord and let us know your thoughts. All spectrum of opinions and facts wanted, come all.


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