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Presentism: Historia Proposes Blockchain as a Solution

Presentism— the idea that we should apply the modern world’s moral sensibilities to judge people and practices of the past—is a concept worth exploring. In this post, we discuss presentism and explain how blockchain can help combat it.

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Historia Software v0.16.3.0. Release Announcement

Following a long period of research, development, and testing, the Historia Project is proud to announce the latest stable release of Historia software v0.16.3.0. As we elaborated on our blog, this new release continues to improve the functionality available to our users, with the most significant changes being to the masternodes collateral system and coin supply.

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Historia 16.3.0 and the Upcoming Hard Fork

Today, the Historia team is pleased to announce that we will be hard forking and implementing new updates to the Historia software. This post explains what you can expect from Historia own upcoming hard fork.

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